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July 14, 2008


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Peggy Fraser

Hi - I am really coming to appreciate your website because you do discuss art making. Thanks you. I don't always find what you talk about interesting for me personally, but that's OK. About public art - I don't get around much anymore, and I was intrigued by you exception - the street art of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Why are those cities interesting for you? I live in victoria bc, and we don't have a lot of street art. I wish we had way more, just because it gives work to artists. I went to Italy a couple of years back, and that is what I came away with - the sheer magnitude of the numbers of works. Everywhere. I wish for fountains at every major intersection, major sculpture and painting in every church. It's often the case that you have to endure the No's to get to the Yes's with public art, but if there is lots and lots of it in a town, chances are that some of it will be great.

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