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July 30, 2008


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I haven't heard of Stephanie Metz before but I know of a Dutch artist who also works with similair materials (blankets), here's a link to one of her works:



Stephanie Metz' felt sculpture is so awesome.


Your blog is in my favorites that I regularly read. I agree with teent---chicken is strange but I do want to touch it! No fear of a visit from our ole' friend Sal Monella!


The chicken is even more disturbing, but the felt looks nice and soft.


For Louise B., it's meant to be uncomfortable and it's all about the parents. Apparently, their marriage was a misery and a disaster and Bourgeois called the ten years they stayed together "child abuse." Both of her parents restored tapestries and many of the small, fabric sculptures include remnants of cloth from their factory.

Moi, I like the color, the way the figure is wrapped - especially around the mouth. What secret could you possibly tell if your lips were sewn that tight? I thought the meat-baller was a melon-baller, which made me think of sticky, musky, fruit and the stupid things women do to entertain - barbecuewise and otherwise.

Debra Williams

I'm definitely reading! And I love "Untitled, 2002." That thing on her head is a meat baller. It's a powerful sculpture. An armless, legless, clothesless woman with an apparatus on her head that disturbingly has the feel of an electroshock device. For me, it symbolizes powerlessness from various kinds of loss-not all of which are physical.


What's that thing on her head supposed to symbolize? It's weird.

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