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October 27, 2008


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Really makes me realize how much I do not know about you & Mike. And especially how much I do not know about the "clothing labels" you were quoting. Since I only know you from Anderson Ranch, I can't imagine you living in Miami or D.C. at all! I'm still wishing I could make a change like you did even though I'm only in little ol' Iowa, not the big city.


And I should mention, that Mike had grown up in Montana and Oregon, and bought this place a few months before we met. It hadn't been lived in for years, so needed fixing, which is his thing. After Katrina, we just realized there was no way we could take care of a place in Florida without being there, so we sold it. Which is a good thing, considering today's market!


Yes, Miami and Washington DC have been the two places I've spent most of my adult life. I do miss the city - the diversity of people, foods, activities, having friends close by - but my work travel *usually* keeps those yearnings in balance. Eight years ago, when I met BFF Debra at Haystack artist residency,I had never heard of encaustic painting. I would have never imagined having my own studio. A dog. A lake. A husband. A family. And now it's all I do. Happily.


Somehow I had forgotten that you lived in Miami. What a different world you now live in! Isn't it wonderful when we make extreme changes and they turn out to be so rewarding? When I left fundraising for writing it felt like that.

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for bringing a taste of fall to those of use still in Florida!


Kiki eventually came back after getting cold and hungry. There are no cans of Fancy Feast in the woods.


That looks like a really beautiful fall day. Buddy looks like he's carrying something in his mouth again. Did you ever find The Keek?

Ann from Montana

Nothing wrong with those photos Heidi! - I can smell the leaves, hear the crunch and feel the sunshine!

Debra Williams

Worth it, and right.
Beautiful, good change.


These photos are beautiful! Makes me want to drive all the way to Montana to pick cherries. And try to get Buddy to fetch. And watch fire. I'll bring Pierre, he'll fetch all day, since he's a city dog.

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