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April 26, 2009


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This is my poem:

by Rick Thompson
My ship sails out unto the ocean of wide open spaces
It's hull creeking with the souls of all the people's faces

A destiny of unknown dreams and desires,
Burning within me, the coals from fires

Time is a never ending stage I have missed
My lips burning for the love of untouched lips
From those I have not known or kissed

I can not see the dreams of unknown shores
My body is weakened by life's tasking chores

Still I search onward to find a peaceful meaning
Like a giant tree, aged and leaning

What will I find and what will it all mean to me
I look into my mirror and my reflection I can see

Can I be happy and can I have my love
Graceful and beautiful as the morning dove

Like the wind that puts life into my sails
Like the skies of blue and winding trails

Oh, Lord show me the way and hold onto me tight
Oh, Lord show me the way and show me the light


OOH! love it....

i don't read enough contemporary poetry. i really need to start doing that again. i will probably choose something from my awesome book of jimmy carters' poetry.....

William W. Overbey

Must do.
Thank you.

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