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May 31, 2010


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Don't sentence the poor guy to relocation so soon! It could be a black bear - those ears look a little pointy for a griz. Can you ask him to pose nicely so you can get a clearer head shot? The paw print molds should be definitive. Of course, a black bear would still rip you limb to limb in order to gain access to a steak sandwich, or even some fragrant garbage. Maybe you should just eat out all the time and keep no food in the house.


And to think I have sometimes complained about the deer and the snakes in my yard!


but he is beautiful!!!
love it


Ah, the fun and joys of living in the wilds of Montana! Looks like it's busy at our place too, with this nice young man strolling past our motion sensor this weekend! http://bit.ly/arp5T5

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