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April 10, 2013


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I can't wait to be there! It's gonna be awesome! Simple and elegant.


I am very late, reading this. I apologize. My head is in a project that is making days spin by like Dervishes. I never want to make you feel as though I do not care about what you write or where you are. Which I do, actually. I think that, while I do understand what you mean, that you so have people. And as I think about it, I can even remember times when I could count myself as my own people. I think you like yourself in this place now - and if you don't, you need to. Because I like you. And your best friend has chosen you out of the whole world, and had chosen you before. When I came out to Utah, I had no one. I'd left my parents in that old world - Texas, a planet of its own; my childhood family, the same. How can we be alone in a sea of people and circumstance? I smile, thinking of how easy it is. Being alone that way, I mean.

When we are young, seasides and big events are seductive. When we are wise, simple things are simply packed with magic and meaning. If I could afford the ticket, I'd come. I'd come and feel like I stuck out, the little old lady from the screen.

I am still wowwed about "the Christian household" thing. That he should say such a thing, screwing the entire concept of Christianity into a nasty little foil ball that way. And how could that ever have been a surprise if it had been, for even a few moments, true?

May is a good month. You have a good man. You are going to be married - this is an amazing celebration of life. A rough road is only made tenable when you can come to the end of it and find a mansion there full of peace and love.

It is possible to be happy. I believe that.


Ahhh, I wish I had been keeping up, as I would have loved to have been there. Congratulations, Mazel Tov, and all that!

Would love to see you and meet your husband!


The Trad

Congratulations -- You're a helluva writer.

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