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March 22, 2007


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Wonderfully, wonderfully said. Good points and worth thinking about.

I catch myself envying people who seem to have an ideal "at home" life, which in reality doesn't exist. I need to remember that I worked harder on the farm at age 8 than I do now at 34 in an air conditioned office.

My grandma also wrote letters. When she and grandpa (spelled grandpaw in the 70's) wintered in Florida she would send letters with love and the tellings of her adventures. I wrote back when I was just learning how to write. She replied by needlepointing my entire letter including the drawing of our house and a giant green tree with a bird in it. It hangs above my desk in my studio. It reminds me of her and how much she loved me. Precious, yes.

Thanks Heidi. I love your blog.


What a beautiful post. I work at a local history museum, and I have to say it is the stories associated with everyday items that is lost first with the passage of time.

Hold on, revel, cherish, teach... by all means!

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