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October 27, 2008


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WMIMUMMA asked what made me decide to do it - I guess I realized that it was time to quit whining, and accept my body the way it is. Walking in there every day and seeing things that don't fit just made me feel worse. I saved things that are worth fitting into again (and put them in storage), but got rid of the clothes that made me feel fat and sick. I think its ok to save some clothes just because they are beautiful and have happy memories associated with them. I've certainly done that too!


WOW!!! I am so impressed. Wondering, what made you finally "decide" to get rid of the clothes? I have tried to redo a closet for five years and still have too much stuff. Cannot decide what to get rid of because I have a lot of nice things. Hate having to decide. :(
Would love to see a closet like yours in my house.

FlyLady Katie

Thank you for sharing your blog and pictures with FlyLady. We are so proud of you for all that you have and are accomplishing!! You are moving past your surgeries and you are FLYing. Your closet looks great!!!! You are right....you will no longer feel bad when you look in your closet!! Give yourself a big GO ME!!!


wow - you inspirational woman - what energy - what a task to complete - I am in awe. big respect.


Thanks for all the support, guys. It definitely feels good when I go in there - no psychological demands, just clean. It freaked Mike out though. He thought I was moving out. I told him I'd never give him the pleasure of being free of me. ;)


That's awesome Feng Shui. I totally approve.


Wow. You must feel great to have that task done. As you said, sometimes cleaning out is more than the physical act. It's amazing to me how many emotional barriers I have to getting rid of certain items around my house. Good for you!


If Flylady could read this she would undoubtedly say, "I'm so proud of you!" while crying purple puddles (which I'm doing right now). But since she's not reading this, all I can say is good job releasing all that negative energy - you've freed up room for the good energy to come rushing right back into the vacuum of your very empty closet!


That caught me off guard, too funny.


im proud of you :)

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