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December 17, 2008


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i just want you to know how much i love you AND your creativity. i feel the love, care and effort you put into all your projects. i wouldn't have it any other way! i wish i was as inspired and talented as you. i know we (your family)can be jerks at times, and i apologize. PLEASE don't let us stifle your amazing gift. don't worry...the ones who don't "get it" now will one day. just like you and your grandma ;o) you're the best judy. xoooo


Thank you for sharing in this post and for reminding me of my own sweet grandmother's unselfish love. When I look at my own little granddaughter I feel such deep desire and overwhelming responsibility to nurture her the way my grandmother nurtured me. I pray I can do it as well as she did.


I should add, by the way, that when I add something personal to the $50 giftcard, I'm often spending another $50 or $100.


it always hurts when the people we give to reject what we have to give.

$50 *and* something thoughtfully chosen?! seems above & beyond to me.

i have made the mistake of spending months handcrafting a gift for someone who said "wow! um .. thanks!" and then set it aside and never looked at it again. i finally learned my lesson there. as much effort as we put in, if the other person can’t appreciate it...

i hope you have a wonderful christmas!


Thanks, ladies, for caring enough to be offended on my behalf. I was really down when it happened, but it was a good reminder not to pin your self-esteem on the reactions of others. Like Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife said in the movie Jerry Maguire, "WE determine our worth." Thanks to God, anyway.


i think i might put up that tree i've been ignoring the past week. seemed like such a hassle but like your cookies, its about the memories not gifts--that's where the true magic is. :)


$50 is an inadequate gift? Helloooooo, we're in an economic recession! Some people need a reality check.

Ann from Montana

Wonderful words from all to make us think...

My thought is that just like you now appreciate so much your grandmother's thoughtfulness, so too might those who are the naysayers of you now. The best we each can do is to be true to who we are, do what we think is right and good. What others do with that is beyond our control. Easy to say - harder to let the criticism go, I know.

I love the bible verse "Let all you do be done in love". Seems like that's exactly what you did with your cookie gifts!


That is a really good post. Makes me think about christmases past. We always used to roll our eyes at gramma's handmade, time-and-thought-intensive gifts, but those are the ones I most appreciate now. I'd give anything for another handmade quilt from her today. And a taste of her home made rolls and bread - I miss those too. She was really the center of our little family, wasn't she. It's a lot harder now that our center is gone. Good thing you have Mike's big family to share.

I'll always appreciate the handmade things you give me. They matter more than any gadget would.


The memories are wonderful, I try every Christmas to remember something warm and wonderful and write it down so I can linger with that thought a little longer. The bummer of Christmas sure is the "getting" part. I am so sorry for your major let down. How disappointing. Maybe that person should be scratched from the list for a while. (I know, like that would ever happen.) I don't know how to pass on the Christmas spirit, except to offer the giving traditions (not necessarily gift giving mind you). I don't know how to help people understand the joy of thoughtful responsible giving (instead of the demand of getting).

Don't let it bring you down, the cookie idea is so wonderful and special. My solution is to do things that make you feel good and happy. Stay away from the bummers as best you can and enjoy the best part of the holidays, giving and being together. (and all those cookies) and don't forget to throw some "ho ho hos" in there... xo


Lovely post, well captured memories. This made me think of my grandmother and her ability to make us all feel like we were the best thing since her home-baked sliced bread. With butter. I miss her too.

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