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May 02, 2009


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True, true. Great piece. I have another book by Hendrix (with his wife), Getting the Love You Want. Also a underscore of how experiences in your past shape the experiences in your present. All makes sense, and all takes work to move beyond. I find it amazing how in some instances I am exceptionally confident and others I feel like a powerless child. I pray and hope to be conscious enough not to pass this on to anyone, especially children.


I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was when I realized that was the reason why I was avoiding yard work. My father has been dead for nearly 25 years! And my time with him in the garden was relatively short.

But yes, it does inform a lot of the decisions I make when I'm with the kids in our family. I know some people think its unnecessary, but I never drink alcohol in front of the little ones, and I try to be honest with the older ones when they ask me questions about my life and how and why I came to certain decisions. I guess I won't know for a long time whether or not it makes a difference.


Thanks for this insightful post. There is a lot of freedom to be had by going back in time in order to understanding what happened (& sometimes why it did) from an adult point of view. Paying back your (child) self (somewhat possible?) and paying forward others, especially younger others, is a great way to move forward. To live.


Excellent post. One time as a young adult, I spoke sharply to my mother for some reason. She blinked at me and asked why I had done that. At the time, I probably just apologized and let it go, but on reflection, I realized that I had done it because that was how she talked to me, my brother and my father whenever she was anything but happy.

That didn't make it OK to be nasty to her, but does make it funny that she was so oblivious that I was parroting her unintentionally.


Word. And that's all I have to say about that. Word.

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