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August 02, 2009


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Ugh! I think, "Ugh!"

I had a great time at my 10th, but my 20th was organized by students, not the school and the 4 people in charge decided that since they had never made a donation to the school, a $75 donation should be tacked onto the ticket price.

My other reaction to the words "high school reunion"? Just be glad you not invited to a junior high reunion. As hilarious it is to say, "I'm being cyberbullied by 39 year olds", I'd rather have skipped the whole thing.


Haha, this is timely, Just attended my 30th. I had fun at the 10th, not at the 20th though. Then an old friend started emailing me to attend the 30. But had fun, it was strange though!


When I hear those three words I want to run screaming from the room.


Ugh. I didn't like it THEN why would I like it now? On the other hand, I have never missed a college reunion.


I start to get hives on my belly when you say "High School Reunion."

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