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August 16, 2009


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Hilarious. Love it. I cannot bear loud people on the subway, mayonnaise, dirty dishes, and raking leaves. Oy.


I am so with you, on all of these. I would add:
- Air-conditioning on a beautiful day;
- Items that are wrapped in plastic and packaged inside of packages which are then wrapped in yet more plastic;
- anti-pigeon spikes on buildings.

rachel Fannin

Seaworld San Diego. A sad, sad place for many reasons.


No. 4 should be called Bad Camo.

Beth B H

Adults may hate that Costco pre-made dollhouse, but if I was four, I would LOVE it.


Pretentious "handbags". It's a pocketbook. You only need one. Geez.

And $400 shoes promoted as things average people would own.

Any toy that robs creativity in the interest of not making a mess.

Adults who refer to their money pits as "toys".

Silly food trends like tall food, and foam made from things like truffles.

Leaf blowers.

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