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November 03, 2009


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Paulo Ramos

1. Going Blind
2. Anything Underwater
3. Deep Darkness
4. Dirtiness
5. Global Warming

Kristin Fallon

Yes, I am interested in Buddy. Can't seem to find your pet finder ad. Do you still have him?


Being called on to answer a question in a room full of people. Aaaaargh.


Why mayo?? Lol

1. Infertility


1.) Going blind
2.) My husband dying
3.) never getting a tenure track position
4.) going bankrupt
5.) not having my dad
6.) Racism/antisemitism in this country

As for the breast feeding/nipple showing comment- how about not breast feeding in public- then you won't have to worry!


1. Pleated pants
2. Comb-overs
3. People who have ever cast a vote for Sarah Palin
4. Being swallowed alive by a boa constrictor
5. Not being enough

John Nichols

1. have no choice to to fit through a too small portal to get to a desired place (have fun with that one!)
2. being the dumbest one in the room
3. debt
4. wild animals in close proximity


1. Being either the direct of proximate cause of something that hurts someone.
2. Never hearing music again.
3. Not being fun anymore.
4. The usual suspects: heights, jagged blades, spiders and snakes. Fire? I'm cool with that.
5. Ebola.


1. Fire
2. Garbage trucks
3. Sharp knives
4. Heights
5. Darth Vader


With you on #2, for sure, especially since the women in my family live a very long time (grandmother is 100, great grandmother died at 98). But though I am afraid of dying too old, I am also afraid of dying too young.

My strange but true fear is being in a stadium when people start doing The Wave. Gives me though the roof anxiety and I have to close my eyes or leave. Weird, I know.


I don't much like mayonnaise either

rachel Fannin

nursing my babe in public then not covering up properly and walking around with my nip showing. HA!

dog sweater tutorial post complete!


I share your 4 and 6, strongly. Clowns freak me out too. That includes the band "KISS" but not furries. Sorry, Greg.

I'm afraid that someone thinks I'm not doing a good enough job. And I am desperately afraid of letting people down.


1. Clowns
2. People in masks
3. Mascots with masks
4. Glen Beck
5. Fox News

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