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February 05, 2010


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Savvy Working Gal

Interesting post. I am going through a similar situation myself. I’ve also gained weight over the past couple of years despite working out three times a week at the gym. My fellow gym members tell me my metabolism will to continue to slow as I approach menopause and it will be impossible for me to lose weight. I decided to accept my new weight and buy clothes that actually fit when two weeks ago I ran into a friend at a business function who has lost fifty pounds since September.

She has been working with a personal trainer three times a week and also takes a spin class on her own. She keeps a food journal which she feels has helped the most and reviews it with her trainer each week. He helps her make better food choices; even discussing what she would eat at our business function. We discussed my diet (like you I don’t like the food I eat). I eat whatever is easy; lean cuisine, fruit, granola bars and snacks during the day. There are some days I eat only popcorn. I am usually starving when I get home from working out and eat whatever my husband makes for dinner which is usually meat or chicken and potatoes. My friend told me I need to eat more protein during the day. She is not the first person to suggest this, so for the past two weeks I made some food changes.

I’ve been eating yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola for a snack during the day and some type of wrap for lunch; I don’t like sandwiches. The first week was tuna wraps with cabbage and tomatoes, the second was smoked turkey with lettuce and tomatoes. Next week is going to be black bean and veggie wraps. The preparation really isn’t so bad; but the number of containers I haul to work is a bit much.

I love HW’s advice:
“Enjoy your food. See how you can bring that experience into your every day." I've thought of this myself; if I can enjoy and look forward to my lunch it makes this whole process so much easier.

Today, after only two weeks of food adjustments my weigh is down 2 ½ pounds, so maybe there is hope after all.

Two other interesting notes: my friend’s PT says popcorn is a nothing food and she isn’t allowed to eat it. And she suggests not getting rid of my too small clothes because it is so much fun when you can fit into them again.


I did a post a while back about making and freezing soup so I have healthy and convenient meals.

The trick in your situation would be to get your protein from beans (provided they don't cause a carb issue). Canned or frozen veggies are just fine in soup.



What's funny about this is I'm the same way. I just don't enjoy most foods - especially meat. But, I tend to be anemic so I force myself to eat meat each day. When I lived in California I was nearly a vegetarian, but it was easy with all the healthy, affordable produce at the grocery store and the excellent restaurants. I used to buy salads in bulk at one place because they were so awesome. I don't mind cooking as much, but I despise doing dishes and I haven't owned a dishwasher since 1997. So there you have it girlfriend. I'll work on it too.

kim taylor- - - the sassy crafter

Excellent post, Heidi. I've been wrestling with some of the same issues recently. And I, too, have been trying to remind myself that what really brings me satisfaction are flavorful, well-textured dishes made from wholesome ingredients.

But if I was going to die in a month, I'd want to enjoy a few somewhat indulgent things (not necessarily in this order): homemade gumbo, homemade sour cream ice cream with a bourbon cider caramel sauce, sushi, butternut squash bisque, and a really good salad with all sorts of nuts, fruits, and good cheese.

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