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February 06, 2010


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Cynthia Treen

Beautiful! How wonderful to have all that wild life near by and the new camera to capture it... I am guessing the bears have turned in for the winter? Looking forward to seeing you in a two weeks! Yeah :)


These pictures are fantastic. My husband is turning into quite a birdwatcher (particularly fascinated with birds of prey). He would love to be able to zoom in on a hawk in flight like that! We've heard of coyote sighting in our area, but haven't actually seen any yet ourselves. Amazing!


Wow, these are spectacular. I rescued a Great Blue Heron in Flathead Lake once. He was drifting offshore, drowning and I got him to land. My dad wrapped him up in a towel and we dried him off with a hairdryer. By the time the FWP guys came he seemed like he'd make it. We always wondered what they did with that bird, because the FWP guy looked at us like we were nuts. He told us it'd probably gotten caught up in a storm and ended up in the lake. Crazy story.

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