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April 20, 2010


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rachel Fannin

make up always felt like a lot of work for me. i experimented with mascara in high school. that was it. i stopped wearing makeup till my late twenties because i felt i was wearing a mask somehow, and especially if a man was going to be attracted to me it would have to be for how i really looked. ( like a dab of mascara was a big deal) . now in my 30's i am back to mascara and some light foundation.


This is a good post- not that your others aren't- but I think this is why I'm so addicted to to face creams. Anything that promises that I will look younger in "X" weeks, I'm gonna buy. I must have a least 10 miracle face creams in my cabinet. I remember the insecurity of the teen years, and the fear. Fear of not being special. I managed to get rid of that for a few years, but now that I'm in my early 40's (early!), it has returned with an ugly force that totally incapacitates me. This must be what "midlife crisis" is.


I even had a pink t-shirt that said "I'm Baby Soft" in baby blue letters. Some sort of free t-shirt with purchase that I am sure I was very proud of.


Funny, I had a bit in there about Love's not being for church girls, but it didn't make the final edit. I wanted that - almost as much as a speidel ident bracelet.


Three words for you...."Love's Baby Soft". It was every junior high school schooler's signature perfume back in my day (well, the girls anyway). I feel dreamy just thinking about it.

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