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May 21, 2010


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These are so dang cute! I just posted a link to this on my Facebook page:


Thanks for the cuteness!

Kris :)

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I just found this while doing an image search for something totally different and had to comment. I love the dogs, and the photos. We have two dachshunds and these colorful guys look like they could just come over and play in our backyard! Awesome!


I love these! They remind me of the puppy play dates we had this summer with our two small pups. You've captured the traveling pack of pups perfectly- thanks!


Those are wonderful! Hope the wiener dog races were fun.

Savvy Working Gal

I've tagged you for a much deserved award in my new post! This post is a perfect example of why I love your blog.


oh. dear. lord. TOO CUTE!!! they need SQUEEZES!! :)


this is so cute...seeing the dogs playing in the grass! I'm new to your blog. So enjoyed looking through it. I have a cupboard full of old wool sweaters...I think I'll sew today, you have inspired me! thanks

Cynthia Treen

Weiner Dogs Unite! Wish we could be there for the big day :)
Happy Friday to you....


These are SO ADORABLE!!


i can hear the barking. SO CUTE!!!!!!

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