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May 30, 2010


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I love this, it really is the little things.

Thanks for the shout out, hopefully we'll get a few more great stories. And I'll be sure to pass yours along too.

Nursing clothing

wow! that's excellent idea! love it! love the thought of the present. yay! wish you all the best and good luck!


Well, it just so happens that I don't remember you throwing up the entire 2 liter bottle anyway. At least not *that* barf event. I do remember others...

Anyway, the best christmas I remember (not necessarily the best gift I ever got, cuz I can't think of that right now) was the christmas the parents were getting divorced. Now, guilt is a good thing sometimes. Remember? They went ALL OUT. Two big plastic sleds FILLED with candy, clothes, toys, and I don't remember what. It wasn't the *what* that was awe-inspiring, it was the (what seemed to me) incredible quantity of it all. What ever happened to those sleds, anyway?

Hildee Wilson

When Emily was nine, she was so enamored with the American Girl dolls. She had read all of the historical books and wanted TWO dolls (Felicity and Elizabeth) for Christmas that year. Well, American Girl Place had recently opened in Chicago and I decided to surprise her with a New Year's Eve trip to visit the store, see the review and have tea and lunch in the tea room.

But the most exciting part that Emily always talks about is that she had no presents under the tree that season. Usually there are some nicely wrapped gifts, for decoration, which are also a temptation to shake and guess what is in the box.

But not that year. She was extremely disappointed very few gifts were under the tree even when she awoke early Christmas Day -- until we pulled out a new rolling suitcase. When she opened the case, she couldn't even see the neatly typed itinerary and plane tickets. Her eyes were alight by the coordinating winter clothes (lavender, ivory and blue from Old Navy and The Gap) a flannel nightgown, knit scarves, winter boots and a white down ski jacket.

Remember, we live in Miami, and the need for heavy sweaters, boots and down coats are few and far between. I'd packed everything she needed for the cold, snowy Chicago weather. Socks, underwear, a travel kit, and hair accessories.

It was a good ten minutes when she'd finished pulling everything out and examining it before she wondered what she needed all the winter clothes for. Then she saw the itinerary . . .

The trip was wonderful, but that's another story. The fully packed suitcase . . . that was her what caused her delight and wonderment! She's fifteen now, and she loves to pack for trips or even a sleepover. In fact she'll plan it out days or weeks in advance. I think it's because she liked to look at that fully-packed suitcase for the week before we departed to Chicago, to anticipate the great fun and joys that were to come.

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