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June 09, 2010


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Angela Montgomery

I just came across this and love your rant! You are right...not a single thing I would wear! Hope you have had better luck since then!

Corien Schilte

Note that the Patricia in the list of muttons in the first picture, is now 60 years old and thought it was a good idea to perform a striptease show for the New Year's Eve 2011-2012... Luckily, this was done at a somewhat private event, so nobody with a sense of taste was confronted with this form of senior exhibitionism.
Beautiful blog, this, really enjoyed reading it.


LOL!!!! why didn't you get the jacket? the leather one i mean....oh wait because it wasn't on the list of things you ASKED HER TO FIND!?


You lasted 2 hours with that dimwit? After the second batch of inappropriate clothes, I'd be telling her I was done, asking to speak to her manager and requesting someone else.

Sometimes the NYC attitude can be such a time saver.


Heidi this is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. I wanted to shout out OMG! (does that make me a mutton talking like a lamb??!).


Laughed my ass off at the comment about "room for a pair of depends underneath". Hilarious. Truly. Shit, even *I* could do a better job as a personal shopper than she did. And that's sayin' something!

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