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July 06, 2010


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Lynda Bowlin

Yikes. Just looking at those heels makes my feet hurt. I know many women swear shoes like that are comfy, but they never have been for me.

I grew up going barefoot as often as possible, and today, as a 60 year old Domestic Goddess living in a rural area of Northern California, I'm still without shoes more often than not when I'm at home.

I've learned it's all in my attitude. There're several things I don't like about my physical circumstances, but I've developed some damn fine moxie (Bette Midler's my role model), and all this year I've been getting gobs of compliments from people about my looks, skin, etc. Go figure. So if a geezer broad with a buzz cut (my husband thinks it's "cute") and carrying 100 extra pounds can effect an Attitude, and carry it off, you go for it, too!


It's all fun and heels until someone gets hurt. At least you get orthotics and normal shoes. For a while there, my physical therapist had me wearing sneakers with ankle stabilizing technology. They came in black, white and nursing home beige. Even in black, they looked clunky and ugly and I was haunted by the memory of the beige ones every time I put them on.

It's like a ghost story for shoe lovers.


Huh. I'm the opposite - I just throw on a pair of sneakers with everything. Can't fathom wearing high heels with jeans, man. I think the privos are cute. And you're not old (or gay) if you're wearing comfortable shoes. You just gotta have the 'tude to bring it off.


The Privos are cute. I bet the orthotics would fit in your Crocs. I also saw some nice clear plastic shoes at Safeway that might work. Next time I am there, I will pick up a pair for you. Just let me know your size.


I used to wear all kinds of funky shoes. But now can only wear Birkenstock or shoes with orthepedic inserts. But I enjoy drawing funky shoes on other people and putting the in my quilts and paintings. It's kind of my substitue. Those leopard ones would be great.

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