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October 15, 2010


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Hear, hear on the plastic children's toys. Not in my backyard. Ever.

I could also do without metal mini-blinds, pretentiousness, high heels (sorry) and Katherine Heigl.


Who was the fashion genius that thought adding two thin ties to the sides of a top or a dress---intending to have them tied in the back---added any element of well, anything to the garment or the wear-er? I HATE that! and yes, they can be snipped off---but why? why? why?

Filipina Dating

I like the house plastic toy my niece is also favorite that she can play in my yard even rainy days. If my niece is angry with me she went to this toy house to make her cry.

Filipina Dating

Jam is not my favorite spread because I don’t like the texture and even the taste. It is better the taste of liver spread or peanut butter for me than jam.

Filipina Dating

Glass table top is perfect for the living room with corner sofa set. And it is elegant if you put a Tulip flower in top of a table.

Filipina Dating

Cap Sleeves is suitable for the women who have a thin arm and the color black is perfect for the fare complexion.

Savvy Working Gal

Lawn ornaments (especially the wooden lady bending over,)my neighbor's gazing ball and her plastic deer that keeps falling over.
The sleeveless look - I feel naked and so-o-o white.
Leggings - I don't think I can pull them off this time around.
That our culture is so obsessed with beauty a six year old thinks she's ugly without lipgloss.


I don't mind cap sleeves. I mind huge thick belts, because they look horrible on me. And I am not a fan of fringe. And I can't stand books that are too tall to fit in my bookcase. Really, can't publishers just stick to a standard size?

Ellen White

Cap sleeves can stay. They look better than tank tops with turtle-fat hanging out of your arm pit and it's TOO hot to wear full sleeves. There! I said it.

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