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January 26, 2011


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Kasey ~ in Oz

My problem is when I'm creating, stuff doesn't get put away, "ain't nobody got time for that!" Then after the creating has finished, there is always other demands on your time and craft desk clean up usually only happens now and then or when there is less than a 12 x 12 patch to work in!

Having storage like this might help but it all looks to staged for my taste, where is the creative chaos?


It looks like she doesn't actually do any work there. Just show off that she has the potential to actually do something there and let everyone drool over her craft room.


i think i've found the solution-one room for storage alone (well, i should say one room for things that can't freeze and then another part of the barn for things that it won't hurt) and another room to actually work in.

i read the reviews on this line of furniture and they all said said it's pretty flimsy on the insides. the outsides are lovely and sturdy but the drawers and shelves inside are pretty crap. :(

Kim Taylor -- The Sassy Crafter

Have you been reading my mind? My craft space is a capital-D DISASTER right now!

I think that part of my trouble is that I don't have good homes for all the stuff that I've acquired in the name of art. Having some unified storage like this might help (unlike the stacks of vintage suitcases I have, which are oh-so-charming but totally difficult to actually retrieve things from).

For me, I think the other part of the solution is that I need to do a good purge.

It's always hard, because I know I'll find myself saying over and over, "I might NEED that one day." But what's the real cost of keeping all that stuff?

If it means that I don't have a good space where I can create, then I think the holding cost for those items is way too high.


Been following you for a little while and this entry just made me comment. LOVE this room.... you're right, definitely P**N for crafters!

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