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February 08, 2011


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Angie Cope

I loved this post! I read the book back in January and fell in love with her writing. I then made sure I got all of her albums and listened to them all while on a road trip from NJ to OH and back. Then I read Mappelthorpe's biography. It was interesting to hear the story from a different perspective, and the biographer def. didn't sound like a Patti Smith fan. Let me know when you start a new blog. I would love to read it!

Andre Zollars

As a sensitive, creative person I understand completely the need to have a man in your life with whom you can share that side of you. I had one once, but he could never belong to me. We used to make up imagined lives together that we knew would never materialize. He was a poet, a dreamer, and a beautiful man, who didn't add up to much when measured against what society considers successful men. Sometimes it seems, he was just a dream.


I can't wait to read it. and a big HELL YEAH blondie..

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