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August 16, 2011


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Oh my. That does look like dog shit. I'm sorry you aren't getting some of the results you were hoping for, but I'm so glad you are feeling better. Staying the same weight and feeling good, sounds a whole lot better than staying the same weight and feeling like your seitan looks. Is it pronounced like "Satan"? Because that might be appropriate.


I love seitan! And to each her own-right? I feel you with the scale thing. Was your blood work done before or after starting a vegan diet? Hopefully after the 4 weeks it will look better, but it may require no added oils, and virtually not nuts/avacado. Cutting grains down to only a serving or two each week may help with weight also.


Ha! If it makes you feel any better, I've tried to make seitan several times and it always turns out weird and spongy, and an absolutely unappetizing fat-like texture. I've purchased prepared seitan in the store that is much better - I have no idea how they do it. Have you tried soy curls? They are easy to work with (just reconstitute) and they pick up the flavor of what you're cooking - http://www.butlerfoods.com/products/soycurls.html. Some stores have them in bulk. Hang in there! :)


Hi - thanks so much for the comments, guys. Yes, Jude, my blood work was done before starting, and it was consistent with the blood work I had done a year ago. I did lose a half a pound this week, so...that's something. Weird thing is, I cheated. I had a skinny margarita and three vegan cookies from a natural foods bakery in Columbus, OH.

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