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December 12, 2011


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Very cool! Like that pic of Gramma Erna.


I have been wanting to get over here and catch up, but you know what flurries of whatever I've been going through in the last several weeks. Tonight is NOT the night. But I snuck by for a taste -

May I just say that I'm with you on the not buying presents thing. Not that I've been able to get away with it this year. But then you said you couldn't make anything unless you used ONLY what's already in your studio? Uh-huh. Don't think I could do it. Which is stupid, because I have just about everything under the sun. But none of it is ever quite right - see, so you gotta just buy this one little bag of bells or beads -

I remind myself of my husband and father (two people, thank you very much) who do "projects," and have to hit Home Depot at least three to four times a day as they do them.

Okay - back to family -


Re-visit: most of our ornaments have turned out to be handmade - friends, family, us. I love what you did with the doilies - they did have some kind of provenance to begin with, as they did belong to your mother. I have some stuff like that of my grandmother's - no idea where she got them, who did the crochet or the embroidery. The simple fact that they belonged to her give them significance - a dangerous precedent to set in your mind, however. But you have expanded these things far past their purpose, giving them a much more dignified job - and then you weave it all back by putting the picture of your grandmother in the middle- so presto! An heirloom with double provenance. Clever cat, you.

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