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January 03, 2012


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I like your list of successes.... they are awesome.... and inspiring.


It's interesting to me to consider how much I do NOT know about you. Businesses, professional sites, lots evidently. Well, obviously. After all, my first comment was something like, hey - there's more to you than these cute re-purposed sweater dogs. Yeah, well - at least I was right. I could have taught you something about Quickbooks. I'm a beta tester. But then, my knowledge isn't deep because my business is so simple. And if you lived here, I'd make you teach me to tile a bathroom. Loved the opening bumper sticker. Why do we doubt ourselves so deeply, I wonder? Yes, there isn't a man-jack of us close to the ideal. but why don't we give ourselves credit for the striving part? Rachel and I were talking back and forth about that kind of thing this morning at my place. How can we expect other people to be kind to us when we rip ourselves to shreds, I wonder?

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