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February 19, 2012


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It's not an easy proposition. Kansas City is where I come from. My only aunt lives there. One of my two sets of cousins. My daughter lived there when she and her husband was in school. The history of my family is there. Buy I spent my childhood in LA. California is home in so many ways. But so are the suburbs of New York. So many, many memories there. And my parents - they've been in Texas now for over three decades. It is utterly home to them. My brother remembers no other place. I lived there for a year and never made peace with it. When we drove down the coast of Wales, my heart recognized it, and I will always feel pulled that way. And Paris? It connects me and my childhood, me and my husband - and the end of our lives with our children at home.

How do you keep them all as home? I think the only way is love. You cannot live in every place. But you can love and remember them all. You can own them all. They all belong to you. And nobody can take that away from you.

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