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April 28, 2012


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It WAS the happiest day (till the kids were born)Did I pretend to not see things? NO. Did we have differences that at the time seemed exciting and resulted in later being major YES. Did we grow in different directions - by all means. If I'd been older, wiser, more mature (high school sweethearts) when I married, maybe I would have realized that our differences were not a good mix. I wouldn't have insisted we stay together the 2 times he tried to break it off before we married. But would I be the person I am now had I not been with him--no--did I have wonderful times and learn so much about myself and the world--yes. Do I regret marrying him? I really can't say that I do--but what do I have to compare it to?


Oh, phooey. I answered this one, too. But it's probably better there's no record of it. I'm too frank here. What's funny is that what Jude has said is almost exactly what I would say.


I tried to call it off and spent my wedding day thinking that this was not what I wanted and weddings are basically bullshit. It's a party you throw for other people. It's ridiculous. I do love my husband though. It just took a very long time to realize that it's okay to be married. Married with a kid is most definitely not where I thought I would ever be though.

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