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May 31, 2012


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I think that the surging waves that have been going through that web lately are at the base of my constant underlying anxiety. I think, if I did not listen to the news, that thing that takes one end of the web and snaps it like a clean sheet in an afternoon breeze = that my own heart would not feel so subtly and constantly shaken.

I read Donne a million years ago.

I was in seventh grade when the announcement came over the speakers that someone had shot the president, and that he was dead. I remember the moment. And I remember the emotion - so quick, so devastating. Not because I loved the man, but because I loved the office, the solid background of peace and country and the deep illusion of security in life. I didn't know some one, some single one, could come along and shake the solid basis of life that way. But then, I was born after the second world war.

We could turn all this around. And every night, I pray for blessings on every person who has ever had mercy on me. Perhaps we have forgotten mercy, because every human being, in every condition, has to power to wield it.

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