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May 03, 2012


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What about a compromise? You can still make it nice, but be able to use it without worry. And make stuff. Always make stuff.


"the question is not really about what you want the house to look like - but what kind of life you want to live in it. "


And once I was in such a place, such a tree house. It was in Missouri, across the street from the house I helped my young dental students buy in Kansas City. The neighborhood had a nice sized lake - man made - and this house backed onto that - the ground sloping away steeply in the back. So they had made the tree house bedroom - all windows and pilings and barn wood, with a plump, high bed piled high with great, flamboyant pillows. I loved that room, with the lake below it - and the fireflies flashing away outside the windows. My own bedroom is a tiny, tiny bit like this - but not the wild, open place that was.

But I don't know if any room, however romantic and rustic, would be the answer for my own crisis of imagination. I'd be too restless to hold still in it.

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