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June 03, 2012


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Never a dull moment here. If you were under water, I'd say blow some bubbles, watch them, then use your hands to slice the water, following them, and kick with all your might. I have had disappointments in my life, but I have never been hurt like you have been hurt - my difficult man would never have left my dog to run - if only because he'd love the dog more than that. But I say, you are a daughter of God, and you are eligible for all that suggests - the fact that you ended up connected with a man who tried to stand between you and the sun doesn't change a thing - except to make you forget who you are for a time. And thus you must kick, and head for the sun until your head breaks through, as it is obviously starting to do. You will know, when you realize that you have stopped feeling defiant, when you are all the way out of the water. Meanwhile, you have been hunting for yourself for a long time, baby - and you need to realize that you have been here all along.

Yes, a person may come to the point Buecher describes - but life begins at this moment. The next thing you put in your mouth; the next thing you decide to do - can be part of a completely new path. And whatever the years have been before this, when the sun rolls up through the sky tomorrow, you get to choose the path; you get to choose the direction of your thoughts. You bet to be the person you choose to be for all the years left. There is such richness to be had - and SO much that needs to be done - the kinds of things - service to others on a million levels - that leave you feeling astonished at your power, confident in your ability to change the small things that, in aggregate, change the world - if not in huge ways, in vital ones.

An amazing feeling, surfacing -

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