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March 21, 2013


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There are other women who have picked up the quilting thing, I think - I've seen a traveling show of their work. It's like this - bold, and to the euro eye, a bit unpredictable. I came to that from my quilter self. That third shot is profoundly affecting. That is a person of great length and presence and that shaded fabric, the brown set on the diagonal is sensational in the whole presentation. I've always wanted to make something like this. Perhaps I shall some day.

By the way, I think I understand the feeling of anxiousness that things like this sets loose in you. Perhaps mine is different - when I am overloaded by promptings on all sides, set on fire by image or inspiration. Shortness of breath and inability to move, perhaps because I need to move dynamically in all directions at once?


Other tribal women, I meant.

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